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Last year I set a few reading goals for myself for 2012:

  1. Read at least 50 books.
  2. Only watch a movie based on a book after I’ve read the book.
  3. Borrow more books from the library and DO NOT buy them.

Overall I did very well.  You can read about my 50 book challenge in this post.

I indeed did not watch any movies based on books without first reading the book.  Meanwhile I have yet to see the following movies because I haven’t read the book:

I Don’t Know How She Does It
Water for Elephants
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Something Borrowed
The Help
War Horse
The Lucky One
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Alex Cross
The Life of Pi
Jack Reacher
The Hobbit (which, honestly I do not plan to see)

The only books I read (then subsequently saw the movie) are:
Marley & Me
The Vow
Tiger Lily
Flowers in the Attic
Lord of the Flies

My reason behind this resolution is simple, the book is always better than the movie.  This year taught me a lot.  The book is not always better than the movie, evidence to prove my point: The Vow.  This was a terrible, terrible book.  The writing is subpar, the story itself is kind of creepy.  In the book we find out the couple met over the phone.  The husband would call a catalog to order athletic equipment and would call her frequently.  After meeting in person she moved to his town to date him.  It’s like meeting on Facebook for the 1980’s.  The only reason I finished reading it was because I wanted to see Channing Tatum.  The movie, of course, took liberties to change a few things about the book to make it fit the medium.  I have a firm belief that while it’s great to compare books to their movies, I don’t think (most people) give them a fair assessment. It’s almost impossible to turn a full novel into a meaningful and entertaining movie without changing the story (only a little) and cutting various scenes out.  Otherwise you’d end up with a 9 hour movie for a 300 page novel. (Hey, kind of like The Hobbit.)  I thought the filmmakers did a great job of making a bad book into a great love story.  My only qualm with The Vow as a movie is the unbelievable basis of the plot.  If I woke up from a coma and Channing Tatum told me he was my husband and he loved me, I’d tell him “OKAY!  Let’s go make some babies!”  Seriously Jennifer Garner.  Seriously, I know you have high standards because you were married to hotties Scott Foley and Ben Affleck, but REALLY!?!

Back to my resolutions: The final resolution was to borrow more books from the library and to NOT buy them.  This year I purchased 32 books.  That’s not bad, right?  32 out of 86.

So, what bookie goals did you set for yourself this year?  Did you reach them?