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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  This week’s Top Ten Tuesday was a freebie week, allowing us to revisit a past TTT or come up with our own.  I chose to do the Top Ten books from my childhood, mostly because besides college assigned work, as a child was when I read the most.

10. Harry Potter Series The first Harry Potter book was published in the US in 2001.  I was already in college.  However I consider this book to be within the realm of my childhood simply because while I was legally an adult, I was for all intents and purposes still a child.  When I read Harry Potter today I feel like a child even though I’ve reached the ripe old age of 30.  Harry Potter was a way for me to escape the pressure of being in college, working and trying to figure out what to do with my life.  I spent countless hours reading these books and went to a few too many midnight releases.  I can measure my college years based on which book I was reading at the time.  I’ve even found myself recalling memories of which guy I was dating based on when the Harry Potter books were released.  They played that big a part of my life.

9. Goosebumps Series These books were my first foray into mystery and ‘horror’. I’ve never been one for gory or scary entertainment, but the mystery and plot twists in Goosebumps had me devouring each book in record time.

8. Full House Series One of the first series of books I owned. A new book would come out each month, and in the days before the internet the publisher would put a synopsis and release date of the next book at the end of each novel. The books were based on the popular TV show, centered around Stephanie, the middle child. I was a little too old for the Mary-Kate and Ashley phenomenon, but I latched onto Stephanie’s adventures years after the TV show went off the air. As an only child (and an only grandchild) I loved the idea of a large family, especially one with sisters and cousins. To this day I look upon those book with fond memories.

7. The Baby Sitters Club Series I’m sure every girl goes through a BSC stage, and I was no exception. I received the a gift set of the first four books. As a child who grew up in a neighborhood primarily consisting of older adults the idea of living so close to friends in Stoneybrook was a novel idea. (haha, novel…). I babysat as a tween and teenager to earn extra money and always wished my mom had named me Mary-Anne because the character had a boyfriend and was played by Rachel Leigh Cook in the 90’s movie.

6. Mother, Mother I Want Another A book for young kids, I grew up the child of a single parent and my mom was fierce in ensuring I had a loving and diverse childhood. This book tells the story of a mouse being tucked in for the night. After a goodnight kiss the boy tells his mom, “Mother, Mother, I want another!” The mommy mouse runs out (presumably leaving her toddler baby alone) and brings home an assortment of other mother’s for her child. Ducks and rabbits and all that jazz. In the end the baby mouse explains he wants another goodnight kiss from momma mouse, a bedtime ritual my mom and I adopted after reading this book. As a teenager when I was angry at my mom I would tell her, “Mother, Mother, I want another!…and NOT A KISS!” and storm out of the room. Oh, those teenage years.

5. Count in the Dark with GLO Worm This was probably the worst book ever. It was exactly what it sounds like, a cheap board book bought from Walmart that had glo worm doll along with the glow in the dark book which sported glowing lightning bugs and numbers. How on Earth you were suppose to read in the dark was beyond me. I would sit in front of my reading lamp, holding the book up to the bulb, then turn off the lights and go through the pages. It was too dark to read so I would just look at the pictures. (Maybe that’s one of the many reasons I couldn’t read until I was almost 8!?)

4. Just Grandpa and Me Lil Critters! Between the ages of 5 and 8, my grandfather was my primary caregiver and this book was a sweet story of a mischievous boy going shopping with his grandpa, something my grandfather and I did all the time. My mom bought me this book because most of my childhood was exactly what the title says, Just Grandpa and Me. My mother often said I was a conniving kid…I would go to the toy store with my mom and she’d refuse to buy me XYZ toy because it was expensive, or fragile or not a toy at all. Then I would be as subtle as a 6 year old can be and ask my grandpa to take me to the store, where I would ‘discover’ the toy I wanted and come home with it. More than once I was scolded for doing this. I still have the Bambi doll (that I didn’t need), Minnie Mouse tea set (my mom said I would break) and Ariel doll (which was for display and not to play with. Of course my mom was right. I had a million stuffed animals, I did break the tea set and I destroyed Ariel’s hair trying to brush it.

3. My Special Christmas One of those mail order paper books that’s obviously typed on a typewriter with mass produced pictures. Your parent filled out your name, your favorite pet’s name, your street name and your best fiends name and you were (eventually) mailed a “personalized” book telling the story of how Santa went to KID’S NAME HERE’s house on KID’S STREET HERE and played with KID’S FAVORITE PET NAME HERE. I thought I was the coolest kid for having this book. Now I look back and realize it was probably some cheap mail order or phone order service that took all year to arrive and was typed out in some mass produced factory and mailed as is with no envelope. Our mailing address and return address are printed directly onto the back of the book. They did spell my name right and for nostalgia, I still have it.

2. The Giving Tree Who doesn’t love Shel Silverstein? While I had many of his books, The Giving Tree was a simple book of selfless love. Something I was fortunate enough to know firsthand from my generous family. The copy of this book I got when I was too young to read, and I still have it tucked away in my closet.

1. Where the Red Fern Grows This has been my all time favorite book since I was 8 years old, and I still have the same copy from grade school.  I’ll spare you the summary of why it’s my favorite since I recently did a Throwback Thursday review of it here.